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The pile of projects on your desk keeps growing.


Your team is at capacity.


Meanwhile, you’ve been longing to explore that idea from two months ago. You tell yourself, “maybe tomorrow.”


Your team is more than capable, they’re simply spread too thin. If you could augment their bandwidth with additional design power from time to time, you’d be able to innovate at your full potential.


When you have hired freelancers or firms in the past, it most likely took you as much, if not more, effort to work with them compared to finding a way to get the work done internally.

Reach your full
innovation potential

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How do we decrease hassle?

Transparent Pricing, Scope & Terms
We Build the Brief For You
We Collaborate Your Way

How do we increase bandwidth?

These are our most popular design services.
Each can be tailored to perfectly fit your project's needs.
Idea Generation

Want us to come up with the ideas? We'll generate a range of solutions for your product challenge and then develop a deck of 3 concept pages that communicate each idea clearly.

Great for

filling your pipeline with new product concepts

Idea Illustration

Do you already have your product innovation ideas and simply need us to visually communicate them? This one's for you! We'll create up to 10 concept pages that illustrate your ideas.

Our clients 

use our illustrations to evaluate and validate their ideas

Idea Jam

We'll come together (virtually) to generate, evaluate, or develop ideas to tackle your product challenge. You bring the challenge and we'll bring our fresh perspective and ideation chops!

Kick starts

your project with a bunch

of thought starters

Coffee Chat

Just want to get to know us first? We'd love that! Let's pour ourselves a cup of coffee and hop on a video call to learn more about each other.


Let's see

if we're a

good fit

Don't see exactly what you need?
Let us know so that we can tailor our services to you


Director of Product Management


We have relied on Knack for innovative designs. Happy to state that Kelly and her team delivered every time!



Director of Innovation


When working for a multi-billion dollar organization it is critical to have partners that are flexible, nimble, and willing to push the boundaries of convention. Knack was a key partner to building excitement, energy, and support around key innovation platforms.



Quality - So you're easy to work with, but is your work high quality?

We understand that ideas are kind of a waste of everyone's time and money if they aren't actionable. Our design work revolves around satisfying your objectives and is always in pursuit of being desirable to your user, viable for your business, and feasible for your organization.

Cost - What are your rates?

We don't want to leave you wondering if you can afford to work with us. We also don't want to waste 2 weeks of precious project time discussing budget. That is why we are practicing transparent pricing. We give you a fixed price up-front. Our Hassle-Free services start at $1,000. You can see the full list here.

Turnaround - How quickly can I expect you to deliver?

We are pretty dang fast. We are also trying to be healthy humans and know (from experience) that great work comes from respectful relationships and fair project timelines. We share our expected turnaround times for each of our services listed here.

Projects - How will my project get the personalized attention it needs?

We intentionally limit the number of clients we take on so that we can dedicate our utmost attention to each. We know every project is one of a kind. In fact, the devil is in the details, and in order to deliver success, we need to understand and work with all of the unique nuances of your particular situation and challenge. For that reason, we give each project our passionate, thoughtful, personal attention. We do this by listening... no, like REALLY listening and then tailoring everything we do to address your project's specific objectives.

Communication - How will we talk?

You will talk with our Design Director, only our Design Director, every time. No more heaps of information lost in translation. No more being bounced around to a new person who has no clue what's going on. Your project's success relies on the quality of our relationship, so we're going to build a strong one! The mode of communication depends on how you like to work. We typically use a combination of video calls, virtual collaboration tools, and email for project communication.

What type of products do you work on?

We design physical hardware products. This can be anything from housewares to consumer electronics to mobility products to toys and beyond.

How do we get started?

  • If we are a good fit for each other we will email you with the next steps.
  • We will use phone calls, emails, and/or questionnaires to understand your situation and objectives
  • Once we understand your situation and objectives, we will send you a custom proposal detailing how we can help​
  • Once you've approved the proposal, we'll send you our finalized Statement of Work & Terms to review and sign
  • We'll issue you an invoice for 100% of the project fee to be paid in full prior to scheduling our project kickoff meeting
  • We will schedule our kickoff meeting for a mutually convenient time

What is the difference between Idea Illustration and Idea Generation?

The difference is whether you already have the product ideas or need us to generate them. For our Idea Illustration service, we simply illustrate product ideas that you've already come up with. For our Idea Generation service, we first come up with the product ideas for you and then illustrate them.

Have a question we didn't answer? We're always happy to chat!

I'm ready to team up with Knack!


We intentionally limit the number of clients 
we take on so that we can dedicate our utmost attention to each.
Get our conversation started before we book up.
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