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We're Knack.

We help corporate innovators
determine the most valuable products to design next.

You're a corporate innovator


Your job is to ideate, select, and shape which products your company should design next.

It's not your company's first rodeo

Your company is an established hardware brand that has brought many products to market.

You're strapped for resources


Your innovation team is swamped... or heck, you don't even have a team behind you!

A few of the brands we've worked with

Helping you visualize your product ideas so that you can confidently develop them.


We help innovation managers determine what products to design next by visualizing their product ideas.

What is Knack?


We are an illustration studio rooted in industrial design expertise and front-end innovation experience.

Who is on our team?

Our Founder + Design Director, Kelly, leads the team and will be your single point of contact.

She composes Knack's team of specialists specific to your product challenge and then directs your project from start to finish.

Our product designers/illustrators have an incredible knack for conceptualizing and visually communicating innovative product ideas.

How we work

We've been a 100% virtual team from the start. Way before COVID forced the world to work this way. For almost 10 years now.

Why? In short, it allows us to have the most talented team in the world. (That sounds like an exaggeration, but it is not. Our crew is truly the best of the best at what they do.)

Being virtual has also allowed us to work with the best clients in the world... without wasting their time and money on travel.

It just works really well.


Meet your design director, Kelly.

Over her 12+ year career, she has seen and worked behind the curtains of dozens of big brand product innovation teams.


Her transportation design education exposed her to the power of visual communication and she's leveraged it heavily throughout her corporate and consulting product design career to help companies design better products. 

While her expertise is ultra-focused, her experiences are incredibly diverse. She's designed a wide variety of products; from one-off yachts for individuals to medical devices for a Fortune 500 company to consumer electronics and housewares, and everything in between. This variety has afforded her a large and deep pool of understanding to cross-reference and pull into new projects.

Want to get to know us even more?

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