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design studio with a knack

for designing products that

your customers desire

Knack is an industrial design studio, specializing in simple mobility products. We team up with user-focused brands to develop ideas into products or redesign existing products to better resonate with their users. It's our curious, empathetic approach to understanding users that allows us to draw insights others miss. We have a Knack for uncovering the emotional motivators that drive desire.


Since the success of your product is determined by your customer, we know that our design process must be centered around your customer. Our work begins and ends with your user,  learning their needs and wants and then working alongside them to design a product that they cherish.

With a degree in transportation design and over 8 years of experience in product design, Knack's founder, Kelly Custer, saw the opportunity to hone in on the products that bridge that gap between vehicles and consumer products. Her transportation roots and consumer product experience converge to bring a high design aesthetic to functional, user-friendly mobility products.


Kelly bolsters her experience with the specialized talents of her hand-selected team of designers and strategic partners. She builds a team specific to your project that nurtures the product's design from inception to launch.

We are fanatically passionate about the power of user-centered design and will be your product's biggest advocate as it comes to life. Think of us as your creative partner as we will work hand in hand with you to design and develop a product that is highly desired by your users. We invite you to lean on us as we navigate you through the product development process.


who we partner with

Design is very powerful and we want to partner with those who appreciate its value. We work with brands who see their users at the heart of their focus.


Knack has a very serious job to do in developing quality products that satisfy your user's needs, but we believe our work should not stop there. We aim even higher. By thoughtfully reducing the visual complexity of a product's design, we reveal it's core purpose. Striving for purity, we develop products that are approachable, intuitive, and beautiful. Pairing this purity with function, we create products that are highly desirable, driving demand and elevating your brand.


The brands that we choose to work with are the ones that are seeking this combination of purity and function. You have centered your brand around your user's lifestyle, needs, and desires. In fact, your brand tells the story of how your products simplify their life.


If this sounds like you and you are looking to team up with a creative partner, drop us a note. We would love to learn more about your brand and product goals.







Immersing ourselves in your user's world and working alongside them brings key observations to the surface. It's these fresh insights that allow us to design

solutions that matter



We believe that a product's success is defined by how well it satisfies its user. Second to that, a product should also satisfy your underlying business goals.



We believe products should be pure, refined until their bare essence is revealed. We focus on products that simplify everyday life.

desire differentiates


Products should connect with people on an emotional level. It's this emotional connection that makes products memorable and loved. It's our job

to design that desire.

principles we swear by

Speaker at MOVE America 2020

Juror for Core77's 2019 Design Awards

2018 ADS Community Design Award

Guest on Minor Details Podcast

2017 Speaker at SQ1CON

2018 IDEA Finalist for PUF

Thrice Featured on Coroflot

Core77's "Best of Coroflot Sketching" Feature

2017 Core77's "Above the Fold" Feature