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Leverage our fresh eyes & expertise to get novel product concepts

Idea Illustration Examples
What is this engagement?

We offer up our innovation expertise and fresh perspective to not only illustrate your product concepts but also help you generate and evolve them.

(includes illustration)

$3,750 per concept

What do I get?
You'll get one sketched illustration page per concept plus all of our ideation and development work leading up to the final concepts.

See a concept deck example

How does it work?

Once we're ready to start, we then:

  1. Have a kickoff meeting

  2. Get up to speed on your brand, products, consumer, and competitive landscape

  3. Generate initial design concepts

  4. Review, downselect & develop selected concepts

  5. Review, discuss & refine

  6. Review & implement any last feedback

  7. Deliver you the final design concept illustrations

Have a question we didn't answer?

We're always happy to chat!


Concept Generation

Concept Development

Concept Illustration

Just Illustrate
Also Generate
$750 per concept
$3,750 per concept
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Lots of times you hire firms that view your project as "another project." ... Once the project is accepted you find yourself working with 1 designer you never met and a few interns. ... More times than not I have felt underwhelmed with the final deliverables. Working with Knack is the opposite of this. I felt the team was equally invested in the project as us and I never had a doublt if we had the full attention or best people from Knack taking care of our project. I think the passion of Knack's team is evident in the quality of their deliverables and easiness of any interaction you have with them.


Product Design Manager

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