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5 Common Concept Illustration Mistakes

Concept illustrations dictate whether or not your product idea gets a fair trial during both internal and external evaluation.

This is because a concept illustration works as a vehicle for communicating your concept to your audience. If your illustration is flawed, your product idea is at risk of being wrongly judged or simply not judged at all, since your audience's focus will be inadvertently diverted.

Over the course of Knack's lifetime, we've created and interacted with hundreds of concept illustrations, which has provided us the opportunity to observe common elements that make or break an effective concept illustration.

It's a bummer to see a concept illustration become more of a roadblock than a vehicle, so I'm hoping our observations will help you in crafting more effective illustrations.

Let's have a look at 5 common concept illustration mistakes:

1️⃣ Not naming the concept

2️⃣ Not illustrating for your audience

3️⃣ Showing too much detail

4️⃣ Not making the big idea clear

5️⃣ Not focusing on the key benefit


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