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Which medium should I choose to visualize this product idea for concept testing?

When it comes time to visualize your physical product ideas for consumer testing, you have a few different mediums to choose from, but which one will be most effective in getting you the feedback you're after?

Work your way down this list and stop at the first medium you can answer "yes" to:

✏️ Sketch

Will your audience be able to understand and react to your product idea from a still image?

🎥 Video/Animation

Does your product idea demonstration require motion?

🥽 Virtual/Augmented Reality

Does your product idea need to be interacted with at a lifesize scale, but not physically touched?

🛠️ Physical Mockup/Prototype

Does your product idea need to be physically touched and/or used to provoke feedback?

To avoid spending unnecessary time, budget, and energy, we suggest you don't move down this list unless your product idea requires it.

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