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What's The Biggest Difference We See Between Innovation Concepts That Prevail From Those That Flop?

What's the biggest difference we see between innovation concepts that prevail from those that flop?

🧠 Consumer insight

🏆The innovation concepts that prevail are created in response to a clear consumer insight (a specific problem, pain point, fear, desire, etc).

🗑️The innovation concepts that flop are created in response to someone simply saying "ready, set, ideate!" ... without clarifying what to solve for.

As an innovation leader, one simple thing you can do to lead your team to come up with innovations worth building is to add a line for

"Consumer Insight: _______________________ " in the top left corner of your concept page templates.

This will require that all innovation concepts are solving a consumer need, giving them a much better chance of being seen as desirable.


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