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Using Consumer Hacks To Reveal Innovation Opportunities

Ok, shortcuts are almost never the route to success, but in this case, we can use our consumer's shortcuts to unlock innovations.

Let me explain...

Creative consumers sometimes hack together their own products to solve their unmet needs.

Whether it's using an existing product for a different job than it was intended for (i.e. using a clothes steamer to remove wallpaper), using a product in a different way than it was intended to be used (ie. laying a toaster on its side to make grilled cheese), or modifying a product to do something different than it was designed to do (i.e. fashioning a reciprocating saw into a massage gun), consumer hacks arise where there is opportunity for innovation.

When you come across a consumer hack, pay attention to what it is that the consumer is trying to accomplish. What need or desire are they trying to satisfy that existing products can't?

There's your opportunity space to play in.

What are other consumer product hacks you've encountered?



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