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TND & OverDryve

Exploiting engineering constraints

"We need to remove 30% of the product's housing for heat dissipation. Add venting slots here."

This is not what a designer wants to hear. We've created a clean housing design and now we have to carve out gaping holes from it?

This is the mid-project challenge we were presented with while developing the next-gen concept vision for Rand McNally's trucking GPS units.

Once the initial shock wore off, we came up with a win-win-win.

Rather than take engineering's request at face value, we internalized the problem they wished to solve and came up with a solution that provided localized venting, an aesthetically pleasing housing design, AND the ability to add additional venting for optimal heat dissipation.

Our solution?

We covered the entire backface of the device with a decorative perforation pattern to disguise the localized airflow vents.

Constraints really do spur creativity!

Photo credit: Rand McNally

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