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TND & OverDryve

Envisioning the Next Generation of Truck GPS

Energized by the success of our work on their ClearDryve Headset, Rand McNally came back to Knack to cast a design vision for the next generation of their trucking navigation devices.

Our design vision was applied to Rand McNally's next-gen TND and OverDryve GPS which came to market later that year.

The new TND and OverDryve GPS successfully refreshed the product lines, upholding Rand McNally's mission “to continually improve, upgrade, and innovate in-cab tools for professional drivers.”

Rand McNally's First Generation OverDryve Pro
Knack's Next-Gen Concept Vision
Rand McNally's Next-Gen OverDryve Pro

Knack can create the concept vision for your next-gen product too.

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