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The Recipe for Desire

For your product to be successful it needs to be profitable (to your company), desirable (to your customers), and fulfilling of your company's objective (maybe you're striving to build a cult following, maybe you're working to grow your profit margin... it's different for everyone).

In order to foster the company's profitability and fulfill its objective, designers create desirable products. Not just products, but desirable products. If the product is not desirable, then it won't bring your company continued success. Moreover, if a designer creates a product that is not desirable, it will most likely detract from the company's profits, and potentially counteract their objective.

So, if desire is so crucial for success, how can you repeatedly create it?

We've crafted this desirability recipe to do just that. This recipe functions as a tool to both measure and cook up desirable products.

(Keep in mind, that since it's your customer who deems your product desirable, it's them who we "cook" for.)

The Recipe for Desire:


A desirable product visually entices a customer through its appearance. The more aesthetically pleasing, the better! But, don't be fooled. A product cannot be desirable through looks alone.

Deliver a Delightful Experience

A desirable product emotionally delights a customer through its user experience. Your product can deliver an experience so seamless that it goes unnoticed or the experience can burst with pure delight, but if your product's experience frustrates, instead, well then it will not be desired.

Solve A Meaningful Problem

A desirable product mentally solves a problem that matters to the customer. If your product solves a big, painful problem for your customer, it doesn't have to look all that attractive and people will give grace to its frustrations. However, a product that is simply an object and not a solution to a problem, cannot drive desire. Solving a problem is the foundation of what makes your product desirable.

The portions of each of these ingredients can vary, but you need to have at least a sprinkling of each to yield a desirable product.

Try this recipe out to measure the desirability of a product in your lineup:

  • Does your product possess an enticing aesthetic (for your customer)?

  • Does your product deliver a delightful experience (for your customer)?

  • Does your product solve a meaningful problem (for your customer)?

If you answered no to any of them, then we've got work to do!


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