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The Desirability Critique; How Does Your Product Score?

Before we dive into a redesign, one of the first things we'll do here at Knack is perform a Desirability Critique of your current product. This allows us to assess what is and what isn't boosting the desirability of your product. As we launch into the redesign of your product, our Desirability Critique becomes the compass, pointing us to the areas that have desirability boosting potential.

Let's back up for a second to have a look at how we're defining and evaluating product desirability.

A desirable product fulfills a true need, possesses an enticing aesthetic, and delivers a delightful experience for your target user.

In other words, the desirability formula is:

How well it fulfills a need


How enticing its aesthetic is


How delightful it is to use



Inspired by our Desirability Critique, we've created this quiz for you to gauge the desirability of your current product. Do your best to answer each question from the perspective of your product's end-user:

(If you don't see the quiz below, try updating Java)

Now, for extra credit, have one of your customers take this quiz. Since desirability is subjective and they are in fact the subject that determines if your product is desirable, they'll have the proper perspective. Plus, this typically reveals a few surprises. You're an expert and so close to the product. What seems obvious or flawless to you might not be so to your customer.

This Desirability Quiz is just the beginning of designing a more desirable product, but it sure is a good start. By honestly critiquing your product we will evaluate its current desirability factor and highlight the opportunities begging for a desirability boost.


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