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"I'm Sorry For My Terrible Sketching"

Usually at some point in an innovation project, our client will start scribbling out their feedback or ideas in front of us, while profusely apologizing for their "terrible sketching."

I smile politely and often chime in saying something like, "Oh, your sketching is just fine."

But what I really want to shout is, "WHO CARES!?"

Having them show us what's in their head is unbelievably valuable. It gives us clarity and gets everyone on the same page, quickly.

We don't care about the fidelity of the sketch. We are solely focused on the content.

Their sketch, no matter how rough or "bad," gives us significantly more information than we had before they picked up the marker.

Maybe it's just something we say by default to fill the silence or to show some humility, but I wish no one felt the desire to apologize for their sketching.

Picking up the marker is SO valuable.

Knack is the industrial design studio that packs pipelines with value-creating innovations.

We do so by supporting product innovation teams with new product concept creation & illustration.


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