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Real World Sketching

The things that slow down your sketching... and how to fight them!

1. You're rusty

  • Do warm-ups and sketch drills before starting your actual work.

2. Working harder, not smarter

  • Choose an appropriate sketch fidelity (it's usually lower than you think).

  • Use tools, systems, and underlays to be efficient.

3. Learning as you go

  • Always be practicing and learning so you have less to learn during go time.

4. Second guessing yourself and your decisions

  • Do strategy work up front, so then you can turn your brain off and just execute.

  • Talk yourself up while you're working. Head down, confidence up!

5. Just getting the work done... It takes time!

  • Budget a realistic time + extra

  • Time block each step and adjust to keep your pace

  • Take breaks to remind yourself of the objective

  • Give yourself some slack! You're doing your best


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