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Maybe You've Had A Mentor This Whole Time?

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you this random realization I had yesterday:

For those of you longing for a mentor, perhaps you already have one and are just failing to follow up with them?

Think about it. What's really in it for a mentor? They want to help. They want to see you apply what they've shared. They want to see you grow and achieve your goals.

However, they have no clue if they've helped if you don't circle back to share what you tried and how it went.

I have so many potential mentees that end up just being one-and-done interactions. They ask for help and then disappear.

But it's the ones that ask, apply, and then reply that I consider actual mentees.

As someone who feels like they've never had an official mentor, I'm wondering if I've just been failing to follow up. 🤔

Mentors and mentees, I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this.


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