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Knack's Irresistibility Critique: Onewheel Pint

In each Knack Crit, Kelly will obsess over, critique, and score a hot product innovation on our 4-Point Irresistibility Scale to determine if its design is in fact irresistible.

A product is either irresistible or not, there is no in-between. So let's find out, will this product score 4 yeses and prove to be irresistible?

Today's product is the Onewheel Pint.

My first impression

At first glance, I'm excited. I'm intrigued. The Onewheel's single-wheeled form factor screams "I'm unlike anything you've ever experienced... You should give me a try."

The Onewheel XR looks a bit homemade to me, but they really dialed it up a notch with its little brother, the Onewheel Pint. The Pint looks refined, but capable.

Pint on left & XR on right

1. is its aESTHETIC enticing?

What's so tricky about aesthetics is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If your product has a wide variety of customers, one aesthetic won't please them all. To combat this, Onewheel allows customers to "Make it Yours" with their customized builds (very smart). With the ability to mix and match colors and components, a personalized Oneeheel Pint is sure to entice.

Aside from the customization aspect, the Pint's proportions, forms, and craftsmanship are quite aesthetically pleasing.

The Pint's proportions are honest and humble, making it approachable. Its forms follow its function, luring you in for a test drive. Lastly, its refined fit & finish begs to be touched.

The answer to this question is a definite YES.

However, there is one thing I'd fix... this dang point! The entire product is rounded off and smooth. However, this peak is the opposite- Sharp and pinchy. It just doesn't fit. This is an issue that could easily be fixed with a different part break, colors, or decals.

2. does it solve a meaningful problem?

Onewheel claims they "Destroy Boredom." While this may at first seem like a trivial problem to solve, it is in fact a meaningful problem for their target customer AND the Pint solves it quite magnificently.

The Pint tackles another, more serious problem, which is transportation. Many owners use their Pint to commute, giving them a cheaper, healthier, more portable form of travel.

As a bonus, The Pint transforms that boring commute into an adventure. That's pretty incredible.

So with that, I'd answer this question with another definite YES.

(Onewheel is making me look soft. I swear I'm a ruthless critic!)

3. is its price a no-brainer?

I'll cut to the chase on this one. The Pint's $995 price is a no-brainer IF you have a daily commute that it can tackle.

If you replace your car with a Pint to get to and from work, $1,000 is a smart buy.

For me, on the other hand, $1,000 is tempting but can't be justified because I have no work commute and I would simply be splurging on the Pint to ride some trails every once and a while.

Because I'm a hair off from Onewheel's target customer, I'm going to say YES the price is a no-brainer... for their intended buyer.

4. does it deliver a delightful experience?

From unboxing to riding, through to recharging, I got a great taste of the full Onewheel Pint experience and overall it was delightful, but there were a few frustrations along the way:

  • The board got all chewed up within the first few minutes of riding

  • My ankles got pretty chewed up

  • The stopping feature didn't behave naturally, so I looked pretty stupid every time I tried to get off the Pint

However, the Pint offers an experience unlike any other and it was clear to me just how much thoughtful design had been put into delighting Onewheel's customer.

Another YES.

So, is it irresistible... or not?

The Onewheel Pint gets four yeses and zero nos. Deeming it irresistible.

While there is always room for design improvement, this product is enjoying the serious rewards that come with the coveted status of irresistibility.

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