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GIV & Take

While I was eating breakfast at a downtown diner, I noticed a coat lying on the sidewalk all by itself. I didn't think too much of it until near the end of my meal, I saw a homeless man walk up to it, pick it up, and put it on. I think that coat was left there intentionally to offer someone warmth on that cold winter day.

Then the dots in my head started connecting. I remembered seeing a movement where groups of people would knit scarves and then tie them around trees in public places as a donation to anyone who might need one.

That's what spawned this idea of mine.

What if there was an icon of giving? Something that drew people in to give and to take. Something that could be placed anywhere it's needed and hold whatever is given.

Knack is the industrial design studio that packs pipelines with value-creating innovations.

We do so by supporting product innovation teams with new product concept creation & illustration.


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