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Gauging Demand With Design Visions

How much would it be worth to you and your company to understand if your new product will be in demand? ...Not once it hits the shelf, but before you even begin its product development.

By creating design visions, we've helped many of our clients do exactly that. Design visions allow you to not only evade the heartache of developing and launching product flops, but also create, hone, and test more product ideas, with less investment, increasing your chance at a new product home run.

Let's dig into this magical tool:

What is a Design Vision?

Simply put, a design vision is a visualization of your product idea.

More specifically, a design vision tells the story of what your product idea is and how it improves your user's future... before it ever exists.

Why do Design Visions matter?

Design visions bridge imaginations.

Very rarely can your consumers and internal stakeholders imagine how a new idea could impact their future. They just can't see it. Even when you get to work with imaginative people, naturally everyone creates a different picture in their mind.

A design vision paints one picture for everyone to understand and evaluate.

Once it has created alignment, the design vision can be used as a communication tool for vetting your product idea.

How to use design visions to gauge demand

Quite frequently, our design visions are used to power consumer research and testing activities. Before the product idea is ever a reality (or even physical, most of the time) consumers can see, understand, and speak to the design vision in order to share their interest, or lack-there-of, in your product solution.

Because design visions are such powerful communication tools, we see them being used for a lot more than just to gauge consumer demand.

Our design visions have been used in compelling pitch decks to get investor funding, stakeholder presentations to get project buy-in, and internal reviews to create team alignment.

If you're not already leveraging design visions to gauge demand, why not?

The stakes are low. The turnaround time is fast. The opportunity to de-risk is huge!


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