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Front End of Innovation 2022 Conference Takeaways

🔍“You don't see what you are looking at. You see what you are looking for.”

💚"To innovate, you must LOVE change."

🛑"Never underestimate corporate resistance to change."

☁️"Eventually there will be no device at the end of computing."

💭"You can have the greatest idea on earth, but if no one knows about it, it isn't going anywhere."

👀"Sometimes we're so focused on CONTENT that we're unaware of CONTEXT."

👯“Be careful who you compete with because you will end up just like them.”

-Magnus Lindkist

🤓“Put your best people on innovation.”

❓“Is it useful? Is it usable? Is it desirable?”

👂“It's about keeping our eyes and ears open to what's possible”

🧐“Seek to be informed, not validated”

🗝️“Communicating in the very last mile is key.”

🧠“Stories are up to 22 times more memorable than facts.”

✔️“Technology should work even when it fails” [Think escalator]

I had a great time in Boston absorbing the latest and greatest on front end innovation. Thanks to All Things Innovation for such an educational event!


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