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Coleman Water Nightlight

How do we align the look and feel of a new product concept to an existing product line?

At this point in the project, we had a functional concept defined. We had the product's architecture and functionality figured out.

What was yet to be developed was its look and feel. More specifically, we needed to develop this new product to look like it belongs in its existing product family.

We started by dissecting the product family's distinct attributes so that we could understand its visual brand language. This gave us the ingredients to the recipe if you will.

Our next step was to apply these same ingredients to the new product.

Since there are many different combinations in which the ingredients could be applied, we did a round of ideation. This allowed us to create and then evaluate a series of aesthetic variations.

From here we picked the aesthetic variation that felt most aligned with the existing product family, was aesthetically pleasing on its own, and embodied the future product's design strategy.

With our look and feel defined, the final step was to update our functional concept page with the chosen aesthetic.

This allows the team and senior leadership to visualize how this new product will fit into the product family and align with the brand well before it's ever built out.

Knack can generate or just visualize concepts for your next products, too!


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