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ClearDryve 50

It's going to feel like you're copying.

Brand recognition is extremely valuable. But when aligning the look & feel of a next-gen concept to the existing product family, it's easy to end up with a new product that looks unrelated.

Wait, we want a new family member, not a misfit!

To achieve twin, little brother, or cousin resemblance, we generate concepts to match the previous gen product much closer than you might think.

Since whatever new criteria (the smaller on-ear ear cup in this example) will already make the new product look & feel different, we aim to make everything else an almost exact match.

It'll feel like copying, but if you transpose as many design elements as possible from the existing product to your next-gen concepts, you'll preserve brand recognition.

If you arbitrarily introduce new architectures, surfacing, detailing, or CMF, you'll very quickly cut family ties.

So keep it close. (closer than you think)

Knack can preserve brand recognition with your next-gen product too.

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