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CES Headliner

Mild to wild.

When we generate concepts, we strive for a spectrum ranging from mild to wild in order to stretch our exploration and ensure we deliver a wide variety of ideas.

During ideation, it's easy to feel like we're exploring a wide range of solutions, but we've found it's not until we order them from mild to wild that we'll see the gaps.

On your next innovation project, give this a shot- Order your team's ideas and concepts from mild to wild once they've generated the first batch.

Are the ideas all kind of on the wild end? Generate more ideas to fill in the middle and the mild end.

Are the ideas all kind of similar to each other? Generate a few mild ideas and a few wild ideas to widen the range.

Mild to wild will help your team generate more and better concepts.

Got too much on your plate to think this deeply about concepting? Let Knack generate concepts for you.

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