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5 Qualities of An Effective Innovation Manager

In my 13 years of working alongside corporate innovation managers, I've observed what the top performers have in common.

5 Qualities of An Effective Innovation Manager:

1️⃣ Enthusiastically Inventive

Ideation session after ideation session will surely wear a person out, but not an effective innovation manager. Problem-solving energizes them!

2️⃣ Always Optimistic

In rooms full of "No's," effective innovation managers fight back with "What if?" and "How might we?"

3️⃣ User Obsessed

To create value for the company, the product must first create value for its user. An effective innovation manager knows this.

4️⃣ Fiercely Focused

Innovation projects float through waves of highs and lows; easily veering off course if the innovation manager doesn't keep steering the ship to its destination.

5️⃣ Confidently Collaborative

An effective innovation manager doesn't do all the work herself. Instead, she builds a diverse team and fosters collaboration for fruitful innovation.

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