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Visualizing the centerpiece
of attendees' attention

Photo credit: Client (anonymous)


In preparation of their CES show exhibit space, our client asked Knack to create a concept vision for what the headliner of their demo vehicle could be. This demo vehicle was a stage to show off the client's technology innovations and the headliner was the centerpiece of it all.


Photo credit: Client (anonymous)



Our client asked Knack to generate a concept vision for the headliner that would draw the attendee's eyes to their technology while jiving with the existing buck's design. 

Knowing our concept vision would get built out for the show just a couple of months later, our concept vision needed to be buildable by the team and tools that had been sourced, so we tackled this project with practical construction in mind.



A lot of great design work was already done by the client to make both the booth and buck sing. Knack studied and created a palette of colors and materials we could incorporate to ensure our headliner design aligned with our client's existing work.


Sketch credit: Client (anonymous)



Starting broad, we pulled in design inspiration and generated diverse initial concepts around our client's technology package.

Through client review, we selected concept two as the winning direction, with feedback to implement for improvements.





The final concept vision called attendees attention to the client's tech, while jiving with the rest of the buck's and booth's design.

Knack delivered the final aesthetic vision along with a design intent guide for our client's build team to run with.





CES was a huge success for our client. Their vehicle buck came to life and our headliner drew crowds of attendees in.


Video credit: Client (anonymous)


[Working with Knack allowed us to]

stay on task [and] meet timing.

Looking forward to working

together again soon!


-Design Studio Manager


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