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Envisioning a New Member of the Headset Family

Photo credit: Rand McNally

Rand McNally (who you probably know for their iconic Road Atlas) makes an array of products for drivers, including their beloved 2-in-1 headphones/headset for truck drivers.

Rand McNally approached Knack when they needed to add a new headset to their family - An on-the-ear version for their customers who prefer that style of headset to an over-the-ear headset.


With the successful ClearDryve 200 over-the-ear headset already in their portfolio, Rand McNally asked Knack to envision a new headset that delivered the new on-the-ear configuration while matching the look, feel, and quality of their flagship headset.



Photo credit: Rand McNally


We needed to envision a new headset that would uphold the quality, look, and feel of Rand McNally's ClearDryve 200 headset while delivering the new on-the-ear configuration.


Photo credit: Rand McNally


We got started by understanding the size and proportion limitations of the new on-the-ear configuration.

We then studied and internalized the design language of Rand McNally's ClearDryve 200 (the headset we needed to match).

From there we explored a wide range of potential headset design concepts that we reviewed with the client. They evaluated each concept and selected the winning concept.

Knack then iteratively refined the winning concept until it satisfied all of Rand McNally's design criteria.




Knack delivered the ClearDryve 50 concept vision which Rand McNally immediately put into their pipeline for production.


Photo credit: Rand McNally



When ClearDryve 50 hit the market it was a success, expanding Rand McNally's headset family while strengthening its brand recognition and reputation.



Photo credit: Rand McNally

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Photo credit: Rand McNally

Video credit: Rand McNally


Photo credit: Rand McNally


Knack very thoughtfully balanced consumer needs, usability, aesthetics and technical constraints, while delivering designs that were

consistent with Rand McNally's brand.

Invaluable was Knack's

responsiveness to the needs of the business - engaging them allowed us

to shrink our time-to-market.


-Venky Rao, Director of Product Management, Rand McNally


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