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Design an electric scooter that stands out from its sea of competition.

the outcome


The industrial design and design vision of Rol, an electric self-relocating scooter.

About a year after electric scooters dropped onto the scene, my husband and I found ourselves in Salt Lake City, excited to finally try them out. Albeit being peppered with dangerous moments, the ride was an absolute thrill. What was far less enjoyable, frustrating in fact, was the process surrounding the ride.



With our phone batteries draining before our eyes, we downloaded our first scooter app and located two nearby scooters. Unfortunately, “nearby” meant a couple of blocks away and out of site. As the scooters came into view, so did another couple who were clearly going to beat us to the prize. So we walked a few more blocks until we secured another pair, read the user instructions, and finally took off.


Our ride was cut short when the scooter’s battery indicator was getting too low for our comfort so we ended our ride and did our best to follow the parking guidelines. We picked up our heads to see that we were surrounded by many improperly parked scooters; partially in the street, blocking a walkway, or tipped over on the sidewalk.

With the number of scooter companies booming, so did the clutter.



We saw the opportunity to simultaneously use design to improve the scooter’s user experience while creating a point of differentiation that would allow one scooter brand to stand out from the rest.


After gaining an understanding of the pain points that scooter operators face behind the scenes, we set out to reimagine the scooter in a way that would solve both ease their pain and improve the experience of their users.

Today’s scooter requires an infrastructure dependent on a very manual process. Behind-the-scenes teams must be on the ground to charge and relocate scooters each night. Meanwhile, walking to hunt down a scooter and then parking it in an orderly manner is the rider’s responsibility.


We suggest that the next scooter ecosystem be an automated one. Our solution is an autonomous scooter that takes care of the back-end process on its own. With the ability to relocate itself, the Rol scooter will pick up its rider, park itself in an orderly manner, reposition itself to an area with high demand, and also drive to recharge its own battery when getting low.



Having the ability to remotely hail a Rol Scooter with the press of a button, users are now able to rely on Rol as a convenient way to commute and sightsee.


By automating logistical operations, the Rol Scooter is self-sufficient and no longer reliant upon both charging teams and rider cooperation to keep city streets tidy.

"Already Tired of High Maintenance Shared Electric Scooters? This Autonomous Version Takes Care of Itself so You Don't Have To"


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