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We meet with you to have a conversation about the project's goals and opportunities. We're all ears! ...until we start asking questions that is. We tune in to understand your brand, business, and user. From here we frame up the project, plan our resources and build an internal team specific to the project.


Activities may include meetings, calls,

brainstorms, and proposals




We dive into your product's world, immersing our team in as much context as we can to experience the product from the user's perspective. Authentic problem solving and opportunity stems from insight. We uncover these insights by empathetically observing the users' actions and mindset.


Activities may include market research, competitor research, user research, interviews, and

strategy planning



With our informed research and insights, we move forward to visualize the possibilities. Starting broad, we create a wide range of concepts. Through a series of collaborative reviews, we narrow our lens until we've landed on a final design direction.


Activities may include brainstorms, ideation, storyboarding, mockups, CAD, 2D & 3D renderings, and prototypes.



At this phase we remove the superfluous, reducing down to only the product's essence. Knack will refine the chosen design direction for production by collaborating with design, engineering, and manufacturing resources.


Activities may include design refinement, CAD development, prototyping, CMF development,

and packaging



The design is ready to leave our nest!... but we're not ready to let go. We'll stick by your product's side as it comes to life. We want to advocate for the design intent and vision.


Activities may include part & product reviews, manufacturer visits, and story communication

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