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TND & OverDryve

Design intent preservation tool

The humble monitor-clinging sticky note.

It's one of our most powerful tools as a designer.

You see, we designers are responsible for creating design concepts and therefore establishing a product's design intent.

However, as you trudge through the development cycles with your teams, the world tries to chip away at your design intent one constraint/limitation/opinion at a time.

With this constant barrage, we get sucked into the trenches and lose sight of the big mission until we pick our heads up and realize we've developed a product that no longer satisfies our design goals.

To combat this, we need a constant in-your-face reminder of our design intent. Something that will remind us to advocate for and preserve the design intent in every conversation and at every turn.

This is where the mighty sticky note comes in.

Before development begins, we note our design intent on a Post-It and then stick that on the edge of our monitor where it can't escape our sight.

Do you do this or something similar?

Knack can create the concept vision for your next-gen product too.

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