Idea Jam

An hour for us to collaborate on your
product challenge

What is this service exactly?


The Idea Jam is a virtual collaboration session where our team comes together with your team to generate, evaluate, or develop (you pick!) ideas to solve your product challenge.

Your challenge at hand will be specific and very personal to your brand's particular situation so we'll meet you where you're at in the process and collaborate in the way that you find most helpful.

Our clients love these quick opportunities (sometimes over their lunch hour) to put our heads together, work side-by-side, and build momentum for their project.

How does it work?

Once we're ready to start, we then:


  • We'll send you the Idea Jam gameplan to review, approve and sign when you're ready. ​​

2- JAM

  • We'll schedule our Idea Jam for a mutually convenient time.

  • On Idea Jam day, we will meet virtually on our collaboration board in Miro. We'll video chat so that we can pretend like we're in the same room and we'll spend the hour working through your product challenge together.


  • We will give you a copy of the Idea Jam session recording and forever access to our collaboration board.

Whom should I invite?


Idea jams are a great way to get your stakeholders invested in your project by involving them. Also, it's really productive to have the perspectives of the key stakeholders helping generate design/solutions.

For these reasons, we encourage you to invite your key stakeholders. (We'll encourage them to participate... not lurk in the background with their camera turned off)

From our side, we'll bring our design director and the key designers your challenge requires.

What do I get?


You will get one hour of virtual collaboration with us, a recording of our session, and forever access to our collaboration board.

During an Idea Jam, the collaboration board usually gets pumped full of reference materials, explorations, ideas, and questions... all great thought-starters for your project team.

How long does it take?


  • The Idea Jam itself takes one hour.

  • We'll need a few days prior to prepare our team and collaboration board.

Expect our Idea Jam to happen one week after you've approved the Idea Jam gameplan.



$1,000 per Idea Jam


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Product Consumer


I recently was part of a brainstorming session led by Kelly, and it was by far

the most successful idea generating sessions I have ever experienced. She has

a way of encouraging people to share and build off each other that is incredibly

unique and fruitful.



Director of Product Management


"Knack very thoughtfully balanced consumer needs, usability, aesthetics and technical constraints, while delivering designs that were consistent with Rand McNally’s brand."

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