WE come up with
your product ideas and
then sketch them up


What to expect

What is this service exactly?


We'll brainstorm, develop, and illustrate innovative product concepts for you... or with you if you'd like!

These concepts come from our fresh perspective but are grounded in your brand's objectives, research, and criteria so they are great for feeding a robust innovation pipeline.

What do I get?


You'll get a deck of 3 sketch-rendered concept pages. Each concept page illustrates one product innovation idea.

See some examples

How does it work?

Once we're ready to start, we then:


  • During the kickoff meeting, we ask that you download us with all the contextual information you have relevant to the project. We will ask lots of questions to ensure we have all of the information we need to satisfy your objectives.

  • Following the kickoff meeting, we will provide you with a shared folder to drop all relevant reference material into for us.

  • We will share your completed design brief with you to review, refine, and approve.

  • Next, we'll get to work and reach out to you with questions, should any arise.


  • We will brainstorm, form, define, evaluate, and select a wide range of ideas for how we might solve your product problem. (You're welcome to join us for this!)


  • We will loosely sketch the best 10 product innovation ideas as concepts

  • We will share the initial concepts with you to review, pare down to the best 3 (don't worry we'll help) and we'll ask for your feedback regarding any revisions you'd like us to make.


  • We will implement your feedback to refine the chosen 3 concepts during one round of revisions.

  • We will share the 3 refined concepts with you to review and we'll ask for your feedback regarding any last revisions you'd like us to make.

  • We will implement your feedback during one final round of revisions.

  • We will deliver your final deck of 3 concepts.

How long does it take?


  • We'll want at least one week to fully understand your product challenge and criteria.

  • Generating and illustrating the ideas takes about two weeks.

  • We'll want at least one more week to give you time to review and refine.

Expect to have our concepts in your hands one month after kickoff.



$7,500 for 3 concepts.


Need more or less than 3? Just ask!

Have a question we didn't answer?

We're always happy to chat!



Director of Product Management


What I appreciated the most was Knack's ability to work as an extension of the core team, bringing fresh and invaluable 'outside' perspectives to every concept.



Director of Innovation


Knack was able to flex to our business needs whether it was quick brainstorming, idea visualization, or key concept communication for leadership presentations. 

I'm ready to team up with Knack!

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