We'll take work off your hands and mind


What to expect

What is this engagement?


We offer up our expertise and fresh perspective to not only illustrate your ideas but also help you generate and/or develop them



$3,750 per concept

What do I get?


You'll get one sketched illustration page per concept

See a concept deck example

How does it work?

Once we're ready to start, we then:

  1. Have a kickoff meeting

  2. Generate concepts

  3. Review & select

  4. Develop & illustrate the chosen concept

  5. Review & revise

  6. Share the refined concept illustration

  7. Review & revise

  8. Deliver you the final concept illustration

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Ways To Engage Comparison

Innovation Strategy


Concept Generation

Concept Development

Concept Illustration

$750 per concept
$3,750 per concept
Starting at $15,000 per project


Director of Product Management


What I appreciated the most was Knack's ability to work as an extension of the core team, bringing fresh and invaluable 'outside' perspectives to every concept.

Steve Whitworth.jpg

Director of Product


RTIC's collaboration with Knack essentially allowed us to safely explore concepts that were on-brand but well beyond our current design language, opening up the look, feel & function of what's possible.

Tony Marchetta.jpg


Senior Director of Innovation

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Quality of work was high and we found Knack to be extremely easy to work with.

I'm ready to team up with Knack!

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